About Us





Sustainability will always be at the heart and soul of Wild Eire. We want to create inclusive clothing for all while having a positive impact on this beautiful planet we all live on. We are not perfect, but we will continue to educate ourselves and evolve our brand. We’re excited to invite you on this ever-evolving journey with us.

We offset our carbon emissions, making shopping with us completely carbon neutral. 


Transparency is the first step toward systemic change within the fashion industry. We will always openly share information about how, where, and by whom our products was made.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is extremely important to us. We want to spread awareness and replace the stigma surrounding mental health with support.


Inclusivity is extremely important to us. We represent racial diversity and size inclusivity. There is no such thing as being “too inclusive,” and that is why there’s always room for improvement. We are not perfect and will always strive to be better.